Environment friendly Multi Purpose Tarmac Jute Tarpaulin Sheet- 12ft x 9ft

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Environment friendly Multi Purpose Tarmac Jute Tarpaulin Sheet 12ft x 9ft

This hardy tarp is environmentally friendly having ropes and eyelets. This sheet has
hemmed edges and are not fully water proof. This cover is green proof jute and are
coated with double sewn seams. This sheet is perfectly made for covering tarmacadam.
This sheet is widely used in many applications such as hessian roll, hessian sandbag,
ace grip, cries cross gloves. This jute is primarily used in transport industry for covering
and keep it warm. This cover is used to keep tarmac loads. This tarp is rigid, elastic and
resistive to water. This heavy duty tarp is also used for general site work. This sheet
cover various sizes and strength and heavy duty protect the chilling effect of wind and
will contribute to quality.

Main Features

  • Hemmed Edges
  • Eyeletted and Roped at approx 1.8m centres
  • Not fully waterproof

Where can this be used?

  • General Site Work
  • Covering Tarmacadam