Water Resistant Breathable Tarp 12oz Poly Cotton Grey Canvas Tarpaulin Cover

Poly Cotton tarps are lightweight and easy to handle. These sheets are used for many applications as these are fabricated from polyester blend of cotton and offers superior strength over traditional cotton Canvas tarp. These tarps have alternating eyelet having space of 20cm
interval. These tarps are manufactured from natural fabric and are breathable whereas slight amount of shrinkage can occur where canvas tarps are subjected to vary temperature. These poly tarps have been treated for weather resistant protection and are breathable.


  • Alternating eyelets and loop at 8 inch intervals on all four sides
  • A more eco-friendly alternative to PE tarps
  • Lighter weight than traditional cotton canvas but with superior strength
  • 12oz material, available in grey (7ft * 11ft in navy)

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