Clear Scaffold Sheeting 170gsm Polytunnel Sheeting

These sheets are made-up from reinforced polyethylene. These sheets provide weather protection on Scaffold sheeting systems. These sheets are UV protected and waterproof. This type of sheeting has 3 to 4 bands of reinforced polyethylene and running the length of the roll and also allow 70% light transmission. These sheets come with 15mm diameter outline holes having space of 10cm intervals. These sheets are helpful for containing debris and provide shelter to workers. Its better to use Shock cords for fastened the sheeting in place. Also available as Debris Netting.

  • Allows approx. 70% light transmission
  • 15mm diameter outline holes spaced at 10 cm intervals
  • Also popular for use of Polytunnel sheeting
  • 170gsm
  • Color supplied : clear
  • Available size: 2m* 45 or 3m * 45m

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