Clear Scaffold Sheeting 170gsm Polytunnel Sheeting – 2mx45m

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Clear Scaffold Sheeting 170gsm Polytunnel Sheeting – 2mx45m

Our Clear Scaffold Sheeting provides weather protection on scaffold systems. Made from strong, reinforced polyethylene at 170 gsm, scaffold sheeting helps contain debris and waste whilst providing shelter for workers from the elements. The sheeting is waterproof and UV-stabilized.

Scaffold Sheeting allows approx. 70% light transmission and has 3 (2m width) or 4 bands (3m width) of reinforced polyethylene webbing running the length of the roll. Within this reinforced banding are perforated 15mm diameter outline holes, to aid the fixing of the sheeting to the scaffolding.

If you are joining two rolls together, overlap the ends of both and push ties through both sheets. Regular inspections should be made to ensure secure and safe fastening.

It’s benefits include:

Enhances the security for the workers on the scaffold.
Serves as a climate shield to protect workers, machinery and open constructions against rain, wind, snow etc.
Ensures a stable working climate on the scaffold so deadlines can be respected regardless of the weather.
Protects the surroundings from any inconveniences e.g. particles or building dust from sandblasting or water jetting from facade works.


  •  170 gsm
  • 15mm diameter outline holes spaced at 10cm intervals
  • Allows approx. 70% light transmission
  • Also popular for use as Polytunnel Sheeting
  • Color Supplied : Clear
  • Size : 2m x 45 or 3m x 45m