Waterproof Reusable Green Pallet Cover – X-Large-800x1200x2000mm(H)

These tarps are easy to handle and are lightweight. These pallets are also available in oversized pallet and also in both standard UK and Euro pallet. These sheets come with 12mm aluminum eyelets at each corner. All hems and seams are heat sealed to give a secure fit and snug on pallet goods. These covers are not alternate for securing pallet with stretch strap and wrap. Their prime function is to keep goods dry weather and clean pallets being stored inside or outside.


  • Fully reusable
  • Weatherproof
  • Available in standard Euro and UK pallet size+ oversized option
  • Rot-proof and Tough
  • Made from 140gsm UV-stabilized
  • 12mm aluminum eyelets at each corner
  • Color : Green
  • Available in 4 height option

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