Medium Weight Green and Silver Tarp Sheet 140gsm Waterproof Tarpaulin Cover 

Our multi-purpose mid-grade 140gsm polyethylene tarpaulins are dual coloured green and silver. Manufactured with a 12 x 10 weave, these covers are more durable than economy tarps yet are still easy to handle, and are widely used for industrial purposes, camping groundsheets, roofing, construction and agriculture – this range is particularly popular as a temporary cover over hay and straw. Fully fabricated with aluminum eyelets at meter intervals.

These tarps are Medium Weight and are easy to handle. These are used in various applications such as
DIY, construction, building sites, boating refurbishments and storage. These comes with eyelets
and 1 meter interval, is mildew-proof, UV protected and Shrink-proof. These are constructed with a grid which is than
laminated in LD polyethylene.


  • Plastic Corner Reinforcement
  • Waterproof
  • Shrink-proof, Rot-proof and UV protected
  • Aluminum eyelets at 1 meter intervals on all 4 sides
  • 140gsm
  •  Colors Available: Green/silver

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