UV Stabilized Heavy Duty Tarp Multipurpose 185gsm Brown and Blue Tarpaulin Sheet 

These heavy duty 185gsm come with 12mm aluminum eyelets having space 50cm intervals in reinforced hems. These tarps are used in multiple applications such as straw tarpaulins, roofing tarpslog store coversboat covers. These covers are famous for furniture and garden sheets and appeared in daul-color scheme of blue and brown. These are waterproof and UV protected against premature degradation in the sun.

These waterproof heavy duty tarpaulins are a suitable upgrade from economy and medium grade tarpaulins for that extra bit of protection. They’re dual blue & brown coloring mean that they are reversible and can be used with either side facing up. Uses include covering hay, as a groundsheet, a roof covering and boat/auto use.

Being 185gsm they are more than double the strength of our standard tarpaulins they are a more durable option. Reinforced corner eyelets help to ensure that extra stability and fixing points every 50cm on all sides are suitable for bungee, rope and shock cords.

The sheets are UV stabilized, which means that it’s coating helps to slow the breakdown of the woven strips of polyethylene used to create the tarp in high amounts of UV light.


  • Aluminum Eyelets at 50cm on all sides
  • 3-Rivet Corner Reinforcements
  • Waterproof
  • 12*14 weave count
  • 185gsm
  • Available in 7sizes
  • Color: Brown one side other blue
  • Heat sealed seams
  • UV Stabilisation

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