lightweight Rot proof 110gsm tarp Waterproof Green/Blue Tarpaulin Cover

Budget tarpaulins are manufactured from durable material. These are suitable for outdoor and indoor and also used in multiple applications such as garden rubbish for decorating furniture and floors. Some of the uses of these tarps are as follows.


These sheets are useful waste material such as garden waste and children’s play sheet. These sheets are waterproof and used as clean wipe.


These covers are used as it protects furniture from paint. These dust sheets are widely used during drilling, sawing and constructional work.


These covers are used to protect dirty pets and car boots. These are also used to cover the garage.


  • UV protected
  • Eyelets every meter
  • Double edged rope reinforced hems
  • Rot proof
  • 110gsm
  • Water proof
  • Colors: dark blue one side and other olive green
  • Weave: 10*10 sq. inch
  • Available in size 23

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