Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarpaulin Sheet 200gsm Ground Sheet Tarpaulins Cover 

Waterproof Economy Tarpaulins products having natural range and comes in new green, silver and black
colour. These are most commonly used for home and commercial use as market stalls, animal
straw, hay feeds, temporary shelter, roof, shed repair, BBQ, log stacks, win d break, covering
garden furniture, camping ground sheet, farming machinery, tents, motorcycles, trailers, bikes
dry and safe in wetter months.

These sheets are waterproof, rot-proof, UV protected, tear resistance with reinforced heat edges, brass eyelet having 50cm interval space. These tarps are supplied to landscapers, professional tradesmen and builders. These are made from brass and plastic and available in green/silver color.


  • 200gsm
  • Heavy Duty
  • waterproof
  • green color
  • UV protected
  • tear resistance

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