White Ultra Fine Woven Insect Mesh – 1m

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White Ultra Fine Woven Insect Mesh – 1m


Ultrafine Anti-Insect Net is a sturdy woven net

made from HDPE. When attached to the sides and roofs of greenhouses will

provide the essential barrier between the crops and the insects that

spread diseases. The Anti-Insect Nets are strong and tear resistant and

are also UV stabilised, meaning they will last many seasons.



  • Ideal fly screen when fitted to window and doors and provides protection from wasps, flies, moth, mosquito, spider, midge and stop all other insects around windows, doors, vent.
  • Easy to cut with scissors to fit any size necessary.
  • The fine mesh screening can be used in many applications and is commonly
  • installed on door and window openings to prevent the insects whilst allowing full ventilation and good light transmission
  • The mesh is also used in cladding systems to act as a flyscreen behind cladding whilst allowing full ventilation.
  • Suitable for windows, doors, soffits, cladding construction, vents, roof spaces and many other building applications where fly screening is required.
  • Keeps Out Flies, Moths, Bees, Wasps, Mosquitoes & Unwanted Insects
  • High Strength Semi-rigid, Waterproof, Quick & Easy To Work With
  • Soft and lightweight enough to place on crops
  • Protects against White Fly and Thrips


• Width: 1m

• Length: 3m long (or cut to required length as mentioned above)

• Mesh Size : 0.28mm x 0.79mm

• Weight : 130 gsm

• Strong and tear resistant

• Colour : White/Clear

• Water and air can still circulate

• UV Stabilised

• Will not rot or Decay

• Soft and Light weight enough to place on crops

• Professionally used in greenhouses and polytunnels

• Use in the Garden, Greenhouse or Windows.