Multipurpose Economy Waterproof Tarp 80gsm Green lightweight Tarpaulin Cover -3.5mx3.5m

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Multipurpose Economy Waterproof Tarp 80gsm Green lightweight Tarpaulin Cover -3.5mx3.5m

Economy Tarps green 80gsm are medium weight and are used in many ways such as for camping, farming, garden furniture cover, stock cover, pallet covers, building site covers, salt stack covers. These Tarps are easy to handle, breathable, environment friendly, and one of the most common benefits is that these tarps are Waterproof and useful in rain or snowy weather. Our green economy tarps are popular for agriculture use. These green sheets are very famous for farming and available in a variety of sizes. These poly tarps are UV protected having 8*8 weave count. A famous and multifaceted Tarpaulin is used at large numbers and these are also available in white and blue colors.

This Multi-Purpose Tarpaulin offers long lasting protection for a range of household and garden tasks. Made from 80gsm PVC, this highly durable tarpaulin is waterproof, shrink-proof and UV protected and features welded edges with rope reinforced hems and laminated sides for added strength. The anti-rust aluminum eyelets are spaced one meter apart for a secure fit, whilst providing extra protection against the elements. This versatile tarpaulin is ideal as a temporary roof covering, as cover for furniture and vehicles or used as a groundsheet and wind break.

  • Material:
  • 80gsm PVC
  • Anti-rust aluminum eyelets
  • Suitable for:
  • Temporary roof covering
  • General utility cover
  • Groundsheet
  • Wind break
  • Covering for furniture
  • Covering for vehicles


  • Features:
  • Waterproof
  • Shrink-proof
  • UV protected
  • Laminated sides
  • HDPE Weave with LDPE lamination
  • Welded edges with rope reinforced hems
  • Eyelets every meter
  • 8*8 Weave count
  • Rope Reinforced Hems 


  • Product Care:
  • Easy to clean – can be brushed, vacuumed or cleaned with a damp cloth if required