Lightweight Waterproof White Multipurpose 110gsm Tarpaulin With Eyelets – 4.5m x 6.0m

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Lightweight Waterproof White Multipurpose 110gsm Tarpaulin With Eyelets – 4.5m x 6.0m

These covers are ideally used as temporary roofing due to their large size and waterproof abilities. However there are many other ways these sheets can be utilized such as for protecting building material, logs and garden equipment from adverse weather conditions such as wind and rain. These tarps are lightweight and easy to handle so are therefore perfect for use in the home and garden as well as for industry purposes.

These standard tarps are lightweight, easy to use and are easily affordable. These covers are used in multiple applications such as DIY covers, boat covers, building site covers, furniture covers, or simple floor cover for decoration. This sheet 1.83*3.6 m is particularly famous for use of privacy or hears fencing. The standard range of 110gsm tarp come with 10*10 weave. These are sold out without eyelets and are waterproof as well.

This product is manufactured from a closer weave of polyethylene producing a more resilient, longer lasting sheet. This material is then laminated on both sides to further increase the robustness of the item.  Additionally it is completely waterproof as well as being rotproof, skrinkproof and UV protected. Eyelets are situated every meter along all sides of the tarp within the rope reinforced hems. There are also eyelets at every corner that are strengthened with plastic patches due reduce the chance of them coming loose when put under strain.


  • 110gsm polyethylene.
  • Waterproof
  • lightweight
  • Sold without eyelets as well
  • Shrink-proof, Rot-proof and UV protected
  • Aluminum Eyelets Every Meter
  • Rope Reinforced Hems
  • 10*10 weave count
  • Available in 10sizes+roll, measuring 1.8m*100m
  • Colors Available: Blue or White (various sizes)