Heavy Duty Glass Clear Tarpaulins 310gsm Waterproof Tarp Sheet – 1.22mx2m

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Heavy Duty Glass Clear Tarpaulins 310gsm Waterproof Tarp Sheet- 1.22mx2m

These tarps are lightweight and easy to use. These are widely used as market stalls, side curtains and  to cover goods during bad weather. These tarps completely waterproof and are mostly used to covers animals enclosures such as chicken coops, rabbit hutches and kennels. These sheets are used in the garden or during building work. These covers come with 12mm aluminum eyelets at intervals 50cm.As clear glass PVC tarps are not supported without base layer due to this reason they have not same similar weight tarp with tensile strength. Also available Striped market and Mono Cover Clear tarpaulins. Some main points about Glass clear Tarp are as follows:


  • Clear Vinyl PVC material
  • Rot-proof, Shrink-proof and UV protected
  • 12mm Aluminum Eyelets at 50cm intervals 
  • White PVC Hems- Double Stitched
  • Produced to size –manufacturing tolerance approx.+/-5cm
  • Waterproof
  • Approx. 310 gsm