Heavy Duty 10cm Black Bungee Ball for Tarps – Box 0F 1000

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Heavy Duty 10cm Black Bungee Ball for Tarps- Box 0F 1000

Black ball bungees is commonly used for fixing method. These are lightweight and easy to use.
These cords are used to fix handy elasticated loop through an eyelet and can be easily removed
and retired for fixed tarpaulin. These are used in multiple applications such as securing tarp,
sleeping bags securing items in home. These are also used in hundred of other uses in autos,
motorcycles, boating, camping, hauling, farm and shop etc. These small bungees cannot bear
heavy items but quick and straightforward to use can be used for a long time. These are available
in white and black and can be bought in multiple pack size. These are UV resistance having good
weathering properties and durable high tenacity cover provides effective elastic reaction.

Supplied as box of 1000 Bungees

Size : 10cms unstretched
Ball Diameter : 25mm