Weatherproof 180gms Blue heavy duty sheet Waterproof Tarpaulin Cover – 3m x 5m

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Weatherproof 180gms Blue heavy duty sheet Waterproof Tarpaulin Cover – 3m x 5m

This heavy duty sheet waterproof and tear proof. This sheet comes with metal eyelet at
interval of 50cm on all four sides. The covers are coated on both sides by weatherproof
and UV-stabilized. This sheet is used in multiple applications such as on for
construction sites, for terraces, for motorcycles, wood, garden or terraces, swimming
pools. This sheet protect the vehicle from overheating and also protect furniture from
ultraviolet radiation. Due to smooth surface of the canvas rain does not penetrate easily.
To install this sheet with rope is strong and does not move in the windy weather. This
sheet can be easily folded and is space saving. Because of high quality these resistant
mold, moisture and intensive to bacteria.


HEAVY DUTY: High density woven upper layer for maximum flexibility and strength, Low density reinforced laminate backing for weather and water resistance

THICK & STRONG: Stronger than standard canvas thanks to multi layered structure and cross laminated membrane, yet still designed to be lightweight and easy to carry

REINFORCED CORNERS: Rustproof aluminium eyelets every 50cm and on each corner, with poly rope sewn all around the hem for optimum stability and tear resistance

ALL WEATHER: Rot proof, waterproof, shrink proof and equipped with UV stabilizers. Designed for all weather resistance including sub zero winter temperatures and blistering hot summers making it ideally suited to be used as a cover for your roof.

VERSATILE & COMPACT: Ideal to cover trucks, bikes boats etc. Also perfect for painting protection as drops will not seep through, or as a heavy duty ground sheet for maximum damp protection. Folds down to a compact size for easy storage in small spaces or in backpacks