Heavy Duty 10cm Black bungee cords for Tarpaulins – Pack OF 6

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10cm Black Ball Bungees – Pack OF 6

These are common fixing method which assist to keep tarpaulin in a fixed position to remained
flexible. This cord is used to attach the elasticated loop through an eyelet so that the ball fits
against eyelet to a fixed point. These cords are available in 10cm loop as it can be stretch to 20
cm approximately. These cords are used in different applications such as media cables, computer
cords and to attach phone, belt, backpack as well as Christmas lights or other decoration fences,
posts etc. These wires and are easy to install or remove and reusable. These small bungees
cannot bear heavy items. These are also used to hang the screen tarp and are perfect for canopy
frames party tents, truck tarps, banners, camping as it is quick and easy to tie down.