This tarpaulin is made up of woven polyethylene. It is a heavy-duty tarpaulin of weight 270gsm. It is waterproof, rotproof, shrink-proof, and weatherproof. 20mm brass eyelets spaced at 1 meter distance. Its hems are reinforced with the rope. It has UV inhibitors thus can be used at places where there is a need to inhibit the UV radiations.

These tarpaulins are used at building places, market stalls, farming, machinery, furniture covering, pools, log stack, emergency temporary shelter, hay feeds etc. It is weatherproof.

This heavy duty product is laminated on both sides with rope reinforced edges. These comes with brass eyelet having space 50cm interval. These sheets have no shrinkage are water proof, weather proof and root proof. These tarps are used for commercial values, building sites, farming machinery, animal straw, hay feeds, BBQ, shed repair. These heavy duty sheets are thick and strong. These sheets have standard industry terminology. These tarps have temporary repair and are thick and do not have tear or rip. These sheets resist wind and heavy rain. These covers have rigid eyelets. These tarps having large length ,height, weight are easy to handle.


  1. Rotproof
  2. Weatherproof
  3. UV inhibitor
  4. Used at building sites, log stack covers, etc
  5. Weatherproof
  6. Brass eyelets
  7. Rope reinforced hems
  8. 270gsm
  9. Available in different sizes

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